Strategic Planning

Partnership Cultivation

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Prior Planning Engagements Include

  • Development of a growth plan for a school considering expansion to a new market
  • Creation of an interagency advisory committee to inform policy decisions related to information sharing and student privacy
  • Crafting a plan for customer input and engagement on a creative project of interest to schools
Prior Planning Engagements Include:



Policy Creation

Memorialization of Best Practices

Systems Evaluation

Prior Innovation Engagements Include: 

  • Creating an internal quality review process to gauge progress across multiple school sites
  • Drafting a self-assessment and toolkit for schools regarding engaging disconnected youth
  • Reviewing a school's existing communications structures  and creating a platform for information sharing and transparency




Program Design

Capacity Building

Risk Management and Problem Solving

Prior Implementation Engagements Include: 

  • Creating an initiative focused on improving process and procedures for the delivery of special education in schools
  • Presenting new policies and procedures, facilitating feedback and roll out for implementation across an organization’s staff
  • Writing an annual report reviewing a district’s compliance with a class action settlement 

Our Approach

We tailor services to individual client needs and generally approach our engagements based on these principles:

Principle 1  

Every project must be child-centered and outcome driven.

Principle 2

High quality work does not always require recreating the wheel.  Research and information gathering establishes a starting point that is, by design, ahead of the curve.

Principle 3

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Change is hard, but with careful strategic planning, calculated and bold action, and a degree of flexibility, nagging problems can be solved, requirements can be eased, and transformational change can be realized.

Principle 4

Good conversations lead to a deep understanding of what works well and where the key challenges and pain points exist. Asking good questions is essential to creating alignment between goals, resource allocation and intended outcomes/deliverables.

Principle 5

Continual feedback cycles and transparent stakeholder collaboration are essential to sustainable outcomes.