FlipTurn Education Consulting is proud to be launching our newest initiative, The Ability Challenge!

Redefining Improvement in Special Education


We elevate outcomes for students with diverse learning needs.

Our framework and tools enable educators to develop strong, efficient systems based on a shared definition of success. By connecting data with outcomes, schools can develop personalized improvement plans, track progress, and make informed programming decisions – building a foundation for meaningful, tailored specialized instruction that benefits all students.

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The Ability Challenge (ABC) is a project of FlipTurn Education Consulting and nonprofit coalition of educators dedicated to narrowing the achievement gap between special education students and their general education peers. ABC provides schools with tools to help educators across all levels align around the true drivers of student improvement, facilitating the development of strong systems that prepare special education students for meaningful post-secondary opportunities and careers. Believing that addressing the challenges of our most diverse learners presents a tremendous opportunity to advance the entire education community, and by helping connect data with outcomes, ABC empowers schools to manage their own transformation efforts.